[Game Update] - 429662

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Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Small public update today - another boss negotiation, and further refinement of the modding system. We'll be back on Tuesday for the last dev week of the update. See you then!


  • Fixed incorrect icon on the convo option to remove a negotiation card in daily_boss_negotiation.lua
  • Added Flekfis to the negotiation daily


  • Moved Weighted Coin from Uncommon to Rare
  • Fixed bug where the preview (not actual damage) of intents affected by sitting_duck was incorrect
  • fix rooks charges not showing up.  
  • Adjusted max resolve on the Shroog's arguments
  • Fixed bug with Flekfis' Sluggish
  • Impatience now kicks in later and ramps up slower in Silver Tongue negotiations
  • Added basic boss negotiation behaviour for Flekfis
  • Adjusted the Shroog's and Hanbi's negotiation behaviour


  • Updating example mod
  • Don't auto-subscribe after uploading workshop items.
  • Card compendium filter uses series names based on the player background, not the agent ID.
  • isModEnabled returns false for nil mod tables
  • Add Browse Workshop button in the mod screen
  • Mods will not be removed from Content.MODS if they are no longer subscribed but already enabled and finalized.
  • Prefer local title/desc over the workshop strings, which may contain markup.
  • Mod item descriptions in the mod screenare tooltips now since they can be of arbitrary length

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