[Game Update] - 429468

Release Date: 09/03/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're getting closer to the modding ecosystem going live. Other than that, we were all mostly busy with Future Content (TM) today. 


  • Added placeholder mod manager screen in dev mode (you can view installed mods and enable/disable them there!)
  • Expose debug.traceback in the modinit execution environment.
  • modinit is executed with RegisterMod, so that ui info like title/desc can still be returned even if the mod is disabled.
  • Mods can specify a version.  GameState:RequireMod can be called to require a save game to have a specific mod of a specific version installed in order to load it.
  • Don't try to resolve filepaths in the workshop API, they are now pre-resolved in lua
  • Better error for syntactially incorrect modinit.lua


  • Changed the description of MATERNAL_INSTINCTS_ARGUMENT to not show the tooltip for SHROOGLET_ARGUMENT and SHROOG_FLOCK since it was crowding the screen
  • Set up a negotiation behaviour for Bossbit


  • Don't disable save buttons entirely if the save cannot be loaded, so that the run can still be deleted normally.
  • The order of upgraded cards shown when upgrading matches the order of cards shown when viewing card details via right-click.


  • audio: smith VO lines and hook up.
  • revised shroog idle in negotiation so that it doesn't move the UI too much
  • Assign default dormant_timer to quest.param if it doesn't exist (Eg. old saves)
  • Silence warnings loading name lists from old save files.  This class isn't save/loaded anymore.
  • Update parsing image markup in <p> tags to include the ’ quote, which sometimes appears in translations



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