[Game Update] - 429290

Release Date: 09/02/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Just a small update today to fix and tune a bunch of stuff in the new daily. Thanks for playtesting!


  • Added new negotiation focused feats
  • Added new feat combinations to daily_boss_negotiation.lua
  • Balancing changes for Hanbi and the Shroog's negotiation behaviour
  • Bug fixes and balancing changes for Nadan, Hanbi, Jeol, and the Shroog's negotiation behaviour
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's duplicated core had full resolve
  • Fixed bug where Aboslute Focus was checking source instead of target
  • The effects of the Charming perk now happen after the day summary to avoid confusion


  • Revert change to MountModData.
  • Add OnPreLoad hook to mods so they can load .po files at the correct time.
  • Assert existence of .po file in AddPOFileToLocalization

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