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Hey Grifters,

We have a new experiment for you today! It's the first pass of a new daily where you... negotiate with bosses. This also means that bosses now have negotiation behaviours. These are not yet used in the main game, but we have... plans about that. 

We also changed some meta-elements. Prestige is now tracked separately for brawls and the main game, because they really are different things. We've also added a little something to card drafting to encourage players to try cards that they haven't tried before. You should see it start to kick in after a couple games.



  • New experiment: Negotiation Boss Rush Daily
  • Prestige is now tracked separately for Brawl and Campaign. Your Brawl and Campaign prestige level have both been assigned to your currently attained max prestige.
  • Added Smith as an option for all the existing dailies (it's going live this time!)
  • Added card draft bounties: we track every time you don't pick a particular card. Cards accumulate an escalating money reward when you eventually pick them. This should incentivize trying new builds over the long term. 
  • Fixed bug in rook_story_black_market.lua where you could name drop the guard to the guard to gain access.


  • Deprecate MountModAData.  All mods are mounted with an alias equal to their id uppercased, by default. This can be overridden by returning a string in the alias field of the mod table (which is what MountModData now does)
  • Saving a plax now tries to use the existing path if it exists in content already.
  • String tables merge to permit mods to extend, for example, CONVO_COMMON.


  • Added a condition for Buleet to explain that his attacks apply Galvanized
  • Fixed bug where uses of Ancient Warrior were used up by unupgradable cards (such as item cards)
  • Fixed bug where Scatterphase didn't play Rook's Blast anim

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