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[Game Update] - 428706

Release Date: 08/28/20

Update Information:

Hey grifters,

We're not quite ready for mod testing, but hopefully next week there will be a way for us to test workshop integration with you. The new daily isn't quite ready yet, but should be early next week. Feel free to peek at the files and speculate, though :)



  • String tables are now harvested as content for moddability.
  • checking in test mod.
  • Mods opt in to being a requirement for save data.
  • Add an OnNewGame hook for mods, to post-process game state.
  • Show local mod-load warnings even if not DEBUG.  Include the callstack from the failed pcall.
  • Save slots are disabled if invalid, and the reason is included in the tooltip.
  • Installed mods are tracked in the save file header where they can be checked on load.


  • streamlined the pet return flow: When a pet flees, we spawn a specific story quest about them returning. it stays dormant for a random amount of time, and then fires a travel event. Removed the pet rescue oppo (because you just get the return guaranteed now
  • Selected Mutators now apply if starting a new Story Mode campaign.
  • Fix cave encounter where you rescue a vroc from erchins, but the vroc dies.
  • Add a new concept of time to the game: Action count is a number that goes up whenever a quest changes state or you fight/negotiate in a new location or time. It's meant to track the player doing things in a way that can't be gamed by walking back and forth a lot. We can use it to make quests happen "later".


  • Sequencer: specifies an item card.
  • Auxiliary: new design to avoid overlap with Utility Belt.
  • Added the BURNOUT mechanic to negotiation
  • Set up a negotiation behaviour for Hanbi and Nadan
  • Enabled the SILVER_TONGUE flag in daily_boss_negotiation.lua
  • Adjusted negotiation behaviour for Jeol
  • Fixed bug where the Shrooglet argument wasn't dealing damage
  • Fixed bug where Diversion could exceed 12 maximum resolve


  • Fixed bug where the 6th graft in the overlay would not show if you had exactly 6 grafts.
  • Simplify perk unlock animations and make them more responsive.  Scaling was causing layout mayhem.
  • Update perk tier labels when unlocking a perk, to refresh the counts.
  • Just disable clicking on perks that are already unlocked.
  • Fix Lumin Bio-Accelerator and certain other cards from becoming stuck onscreen when triggered.


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