[Game Update] - 428481

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Hey Grifters,

 We're currently working on a couple of big things for the next update:

  • Official modding support!
  • A new daily type that is a negotiation boss-rush (so you can talk to the shroog ?!)
  • A new boss for Sal, and other new character content.



  • Swapped the final boss in daily_protect_friend.lua to be either Arint or Flekfis
  • Fixed bug in daily_protect_friend.lua where Shel could die in the boss fight without you losing
  • daily_protect_friend.lua now grants you a graft at the start of the challenge
  • Updated the behaviour and max health of the Turncoat Boss
  • adjusted the behaviour of the rise turncoat boss slightly to ensure you get affected by voltaic early
  • Fix Rook brawl crash if Pengemunt was killed in battle and the coin trader phase was activated.
  • Fixed bug where opponents weren't reacting to pets in negotiation - All pets should still bark/howl at the start
  • Set up the SILVER_TONGUE negotiation flag
  • Set up new negotiation behaviour for Jeol and the Shroog 


  • Manually assign CARD_FLAGS.ITEM to all death loot.  The default-assignment was overriding flags on upgrades, causing for example Boosted Gaff to not be a melee attack.
  • Fix obscure crash when negotiating against spark barons if Doubt destroys an Appropriator that stole cards from the discards/draw deck.  UpdateCardPlacement was cheating target_deck if it was not supplied, using the current card's deck as a default and throwing things out of order  So calls to UpdateCardPlacement need explicit arguments, such as from CARD_TRIGGERED_POST and the edge-case in HandleChooseCards where the cards-in-hand may be temporarily in the floating deck for presentation reasons.
  • Lifter Claw now officially improvises, and thus can trigger things like Crusher or Resonance.
  • Fixed bug where some RIG cards weren't using themselves as the source for the argument
  • Boosted Muck: now 3 damage.
  • Gave the Yote Horn charges and reduced its damage
  • Corrected inconsistencies when referring to enemies vs targets in card descriptions
  • Reworked Seeker to not grant defend when discarded but to grant more defend when played
  • Fixed bug caused by the To The Point feat
  • Skimmer now correctly targets a random target.


  • Make Names mod-friendly
  • Failing to load local modinits shows a non-fatal warning instead of spewing silently to log.
  • Hardening various content validation for better mod support.



We're also working on Smith story content, but that won't go live for at least a couple of updates, unless you're very motivated and adept at using the debug tools. 

If you're curious how a quest is written, you can use this handy map to follow along with smith_side_forged_relics.lua in the code:




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