[Game Update] - 427913

Release Date: 08/25/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update's mostly housekeeping fixes in preparation for the next release's content. We'll have some exciting stuff for you to play with on experimental soon!


  • Show base health/resolve on new game character select screen.
  • The cards tab in the Compendium now shows how many cards are shown, with filtering.
  • Making all the WidePanel widgets only show within the scissored area of the screen, instead of stretching across the window past it. This makes contents that are aligned to the widepanel's edges stay within the visible area of the screen


  • Added new negotiation-focused daily feats (for an upcoming new daily type)
  • Fixed bug where the situation modifiers in handler_spree_prisoner_exchange.lua weren't applied properly
  • Fixed bug where multiple stacks of weapons_supplier wouldn't let you get all the items
  • Added new rook outfit
  • Innate Connection now checks if your pet is already trained
  • agent:TrainPet() also checks if the agent is already a trained pet


  • Buff stone anchor slightly.
  • Fixed bug where Premium Quality wasn't copying the table of available upgrades correctly


  • Add loc_translator.parseNameDeclensions to parse name declensions for languages that need it.
  • Add loc macros for string-replacing name declensions with hover markup
  • An agent's name declensions are included in its loc_table.
  • Defer instantiation of BUILD_TESTER CharacterDef since it is not loaded as part of Content.DoLoad, but part of file inclusion, and CharacterDefs now require the current language to be loaded first.
  • Split Content.GetCharacterName into GenerateRandomName and GetName for clarity.


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