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[Game Update] - 427141

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Hey Grifters,

Thanks for your help in testing the release update today. There are some hotfixes pending, but all-in-all it was one of our smoothest yet. 

This update to experimental starts off our next round of changes. I'm not quite ready to commit to our deliverables publicly yet (we tend to change things up at the last minute), but I'm pretty excited for our current plan. You can guess where we're headed as the substantial updates start rolling out next week.

Until then, here are some tweaks, and of course, a bunch of datamining stuff that shall not be named.


  • Showing an icon on upgrade-ready grafts in the main overlay. Also enabling hotkeys on the main overlay again


  • added 2 social grafts, boon and bane icons for the luminitiate


  • Added the Sleep It Off keyword for cards with a remove_timer (tipsy, bloated etc)
  • Fixed bug with Lumin Wine and clarified its description
  • Tracer now correctly decrements at the end of the owner's turn


  • The boss agent in experiment_sal_turncoat_boss.lua is now moved to limbo at the end of the fight to prevent several bugs
  • Fixed incorrect description on Slug Smash
  • Boosted Gulper can now be used with 0 bottles
  • Rise Turncoat's Jolting Beam attack no longer applies galvanized if dodged
  • Rise Turncoat boss experiment now includes a Jake Smuggler as backup
  • Rise Turncoat boss' Smash now also applies Galvanized to some cards
  • Rise Turncoat Boss now has Armored

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