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[Game Update] - 424998

Release Date: 08/10/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're pushing a very tiny build out this morning to add some more logging around a rare-but-persistent save/load problem that we're trying to track down. It seems that on some systems, saving or loading will occasionally fail. 

If anyone has experienced an unexpected profile / save wipe recently, and is willing to share some of their computer's configuration details, please reach out. I know that it happened at least 3 times on experimental over the weekend. Our best guess at this point is that there is another process (a backup program? anti-virus? could saves?) that is occasionally grabbing exclusive access to the files that we are trying to access at just the wrong moment. We're going to add some redundancy and retrying on our side, which should largely fix the issue, but I'd rather completely understand the problem rather than just layer bandages over it :)



  • Log GetLastError() result if ReplaceFile fails.


  • Asset Liberation: show opinion event for negotiation option with bartender.  Only one negotiation can be chosen.


  • Variable cost negotiation cards should never give "Not enough actions" (eg. Browbeat vs. Chemist)
  • Fixed missing name for the scoring of Boot's Blaster
  • Fixed bug where the Luminari sometimes couldn't prepare a card. Also added a defend skill to their attack pattern
  • Ancient Warrior: clarify descriptive text.
  • Suppressing Fire: now accounts for bonuses to Defense gain when played (eg. Sparring) 

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