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[Game Update] - 422092

Release Date: 07/17/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

The initial two dailies are aaaaaalmost done. We'll fix some bugs and do some last tuning early next week, but then I think the build will be ready for the update. See if you can beat my (not very good) score today!



  • Resonance: Now adds stacking conditions on random enemies instead of applying damage directly.
  • Brilliance now allies to hatch cards as well
  • Enhanced Heavy Handed: fix error message if you don't have enough dominance.
  • Remove "Ranged" from various attack cards.
  • Pinned: Provide alternate card text when you are viewing this card in the compendium / card details screen.  Now shows up in the compendium.
  • Wretched Strike now gets a bonus for cards drawn even while it is not in your hand.


  • New mutators: Playing for Keeps, Score Cards, Reduced Boss Health, Pet Owner
  • In boss rush you can bring people that you meet along with you (or let them stay to increase your score)
  • More varied mutator combinations in dailies, and annoying combinations removed
  • Dangerous Goods: When Ximmon comes to retrieve his goods, he has a pet with him.
  • Bandit Captains now gain Counter from Vicious only after countering the triggering attack.
  • Bandit Captains occasionally Defend.
  • Bandit Captains give Grisly Trophies.
  • Disabled Smith in both dailies in preparation for the update (He'll be back soon, don't worry.)


  • You can preview the events in a daily run before you start (as in.. which bosses you will face)
  • New Game Screen: Fix toggling card sets sometimes not applying properly


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