[Game Update] - 418616

Release Date: 06/26/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi Grifters!

We've just enabled cloud saves on Steam. So now you can grift from multiple computers!

This update also fixes a couple of things that showed up in the last 24 hours or so:

  • Zig Zag: Fix crash if there are no targets left to wound.
  • Fix crash in fight screen when using a gamepad.
  • Fix input issue that was ignoring some mouse clicks when also pressing keyboard keys when playing cards.
  • Fix UI overlap in audio option screen.
  • Fix crash in manipulate conversation.
  • Fixed a couple of missed localization strings.
  • Fixed missing hit FX for new bandit goon.
  • Fix crash when selecting prestige in the NewGameScreen if you previously selected prestige 0 and then returned to the sidebar.
  • Fix issue with continue button when you return to the main menu after manually deleting your save file.
  • Re-export the 1080p texture pack at a slightly higher resolution (it was a little blurry).
  • Added --highres and --lowres command line parameters to force a particular texture pack, for players who want to pick manually.
  • Fix Counter attack sometimes attacking an ally of the attacker if the attacker was already targetted by other enemies.
  • Improved Chinese Translation.

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