[Game Update] - 418470

Release Date: 06/25/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Here's the first update of the new cycle. Not a tonne of content in this one, but there are a lot of fixes and general UI improvements. Some of these are marked for a small release hotfix that's coming out at around the same time.

Card Stuff

  • Three Fingers: Fix sometimes not being hated by 2 people.
  • Specialty now shuffles your discard into your draw pile if you have no attacks in your draw pile, consistent with Deception
  • Fixed bug where Stinging Eyes would make aoe attacks only hit one person
  • Support Beacon now checks to make sure your team isn't full
  • Fixed bug where Stone Spurs wasn't showing the dynamic defend amount
  • Impending Doom now disables shielding in OnUnapply instead of OnBounty so that it's still triggered by removal
  • Pruned is no longer applied if the attack is evaded
  • Fixed bug where Rentorian Battle Armor made you have -3 power if you took damage before it's initial application
  • Fix Force Compression not applying for certain cards, like Menacing Air.
  • Planning: Now Rare.
  • Formation Defend only applies to allies, as per the text.
  • Reworked Deception
  • Fixed bug where Hot Air's damage wasn't being displayed properly
  • Toolbox selections no longer appear in the Trash.
  • Added a max_stacks of 10 to Trauma
  • Cult of Hesh characters no longer apply intermittent Composure, opting for straight resolve damage to forestall stale-mates.
  • Fixed bug where Pale Trade wasn't working when you only had one influence
  • Fixed bug where overbear_plus2 was drawing the wrong number of cards
  • Fix Visionary Three Fingers not causing people to hate you if you install it directly.  Instead of getting removed/added notifications, the player now receives a single Graft Upgraded notification. (When upgrading grafts, convert the extant instance of removing and adding a new graft instance.)
  • Fixed bug where MARK could trigger when attacking the owner's allies


  • Add custom cursors to the game (size is selectable, and you can still use the system cursor)
  • fix order of audio options so that dropdown works
  • Making the deck screen always select the first card with the gamepad, instead of a random one on the list
  • Added a not-upgraded filter to the card deck. It puts the upgradeable cards at the top, sorted by how close they are to be upgraded
  • Showing an info label when selecting characters saying if that character has savefiles available
  • Adding a backing to the Grafts in Negotiation/Battle, to attract more attention to them. Also made them bigger. Made the fight/negotiation objective scale with the UI Scaling Mode. Made the graft tooltips show under the graft icons, instead of overlapping them
  • Added drop-shadow to the card descriptions when in upgrade-style to make the text more readable
  • Reporting correctly the number of unlockable social grafts in the People Compendium
  • The shiny card animation for cards in hand ignore he negotiation/combat speed multiplier.


  • Re-added the promoted Jake def
  • The cost for new graft slots increases as you add more.
  • Fix build for female promoted bandit goon
  • Fix issue with continue button when you return to the main menu after manually deleting your save file
  • Added nil-check for the source in the MODIFIER_REMOVED event of AUCTIONEER
  • System Debogging: Fix potential crash attempting to speak to a dead Rise member after battle.
  • Card and graft rewards are no longer given for the final boss in brawls
  • Fix crash involved with returning a presented card to hand for discard choice. (eg. draw into multiple Raw with a full hand such that Gamble triggers a discard (Chaos Coin).  
  • Fix rare crash when choosing a toolbox card after the battle is over.
  • Fix potential gamepad crash: Cards need to clear focus directions left/right when renaving.
  • Fix IME text input:
  •     Supress KeyUp events if text editing.
  •     Suppress additional keys besides backspace, like delete, enter, and arrow keys.  It seems like there should be a better way to know what keys to ignore -- is this not dependent on the IME?  In any case, these keys are used for the microsoft IME.
  • Disable italics for certain fonts
  • added a graft reward for Rook after defeating a boss in brawl 
  • Do not dismiss hired members in Brawl, if the Loyalty mutator is active.
  • Choosing Sides: Fix crash if you are victorious but all your allies died.


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