[Game Update] - 417757

Release Date: 06/22/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here's your build candidate for the update later this week. Just some minor fixes, and some translation updates. Looks like the promoted jake is going to have to wait for the next update, because their builds were not complete in time.

  • Updated Chinese translations.
  • Remove promoted jakes until next update (The art wasn't ready for them yet).
  • Disable italics for certain fonts.
  • Fix translation lookup for faction tooltips in compendium.
  • Added a graft reward for Rook after defeating a boss in brawl.
  • Fixed bug in rook_story_expedition_step_1_workers.lua where Kalandra would help you even though she was hiding.
  • Boosted Lean and Green: Hilite upgrade value.
  • Crusher adds itself as a source modifier when its cost is reduced.
  • Do not dismiss hired members in Brawl, if the Loyalty mutator is active.
  • Appropriated: Clarify argument text to indicate that the player gains Vulnerability.
  • Removed old export and fixed missing arms on promoted admiralty characters.
  • Crusher: Clarify its description. It reduces its own cost, not the Improvised card's cost.
  • Choosing Sides: Fix crash if you are victorious but all your allies died.

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