[Game Update] - 417541

Release Date: 06/19/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here's our build candidate (minus final translation pass) for the next update. Please try to break it :)

  • Fix up low-res texture mode (there were some artifacts previously)
  • Making the Choose Cards From Hand panel become visible again when clicking anywhere on the screen if it's hidden. For people who don't see the button
  • Reduced pre-boss negotiation difficulty in the brawl from rank + 2 to rank + 1
  • Adding a gamepad hint to the quest option in Location Screens, so players see how to toggle between agents/convo easier
  • Hooked up the new Promoted Jakes Dockhand
  • Increased base defend on Boosted Surge by 1
  • Force Compression no longer makes 0 cost cards cost 1
  • Improve the flow of side_termination_of_command.lua when you meet the admiralty officer on the beach
  • Make ulcer, sick remove on rest
  • Bought pets have names
  • Fixed bug where Psimulacrum wasn't affecting Recall
  • Added tooltip for upgrading pets to explain that upgrading and training your pet are two different things
  • Fix a bug causing a small delay and superfluous sounds whenever discarding a card.
  • Lightning Rod now previews the Conductor card in its tooltip.
  • Memorization Implant no longer reduces the chosen duplicate card cost to 0.
  • Adjusted the xp required for some of Rooks negotiation cards. ¬†Some still had old values assigned to them.
  • Vantage: Should now correctly calculate card costs that have modifiers.
  • Secret Intel: Clearer argument text to indicate that you will gain the argument upon destroying it.
  • Set overlay mode to Conversation during LootScreen so you can also upgrade directly from the deck viewer UI.
  • Fixed bug where the admiralty character in event_sal_gets_an_envelope.lua wasn't killed correctly
  • Buff Carapace Fragment.
  • Capture Nadan: If the noodle chef dies before picking up the oshnu, Nadan hires someone new to deliver the oshnu, instead of crashing the game.
  • CRC-check data_scripts folder only.

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