[Game Update] - 417298

Release Date: 06/18/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

There are some big optimizations in this update, which should help players running on older hardware or notebooks. Any feedback regarding load times, stability, or performance changes are much appreciated!

  • Machines with 1080p monitors (or less) will load optimized textures to reduce memory overhead. These can also be loaded on any machine by selecting low level of detail in the options menu.
  • Disable startup data CRC checks, which were very slow on some machines.
  • added --ignore_gamepad command line option, for players with incompatible devices
  • You can now select, target, and play cards entirely with the keyboard (for accessibility).
  • Make the quit-to-menu language more explicit, to prevent save deletion confusion.
  • Add a "continue" button to the main menu, to get into the action faster.
  • Reworked slippery_plus2 to use Improvise+ 
  • Protect no longer affects targeting while the owner is stunned
  • Split data archive into smaller parts, so that patches can be smaller.
  • Specialty now shuffles your discard to your draw if your draw pile is empty
  • Clarified description of Segue
  • The Bandit Thief's Pin Down attack no longer pins a card if evaded
  • Multiple stacks of Viciousness will now increase its duration
  • Added HATED -> DISLIKED to the LIKE opinion delta
  • Foresight now gains 2 bonus resolve per stack
  • Fix for windows media keys being misinterpreted as game control.
  • Reversed order of effects on Twisted Roughneck for clarity
  • Fixed bug where Ricochet would not trigger if your attack killed the target and they only had 1 remaining ally
  • Preventing people from leaving the Deck Screen while it's animating out, which allowed them to remove as many cards as they wanted.
  • Ether Hook can no longer improvise upgrades in order to avoid seeing multiple upgrades of the same card
  • Ether Hook is now Improvise+
  • Fixed bug where bleed cards would deal damage to you after winning a battle if the enemy ran away
  • The Grout Boss treasure burrs no use DealCards() to give you your cards back to prevent losing cards when your hand is full
  • Fixed bug caused by Smith's Two Fisted graft
  • Vapor Vial now only affects cards until they are played
  • increase defense granted by shuffle step by 1
  • Remove some deterministic random usage when generating targets that was causing the same target to be picked across multiple cards.  This isn't needed anymore because we generate and store secondary targets explicitly.
  • Nil-check a number of condition applications, fixing a crash if the original fighter died or if the stacks were modified to 0.
  • Fix crash when triggering Two Fisted.

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