[Game Update] - 416527

Release Date: 06/15/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

It's been a busy day around here! We've been firefighting various issues found by new players, especially stuff with localization. One new promoted unit made their way into the game, though, so this update is not without new content.

You should be able to play experimental on both Steam and Epic now. On Steam you need to right click on the game, open the options, and select the experimental beta from the betas dropdown. There was a problem with this build earlier today, but it should be fixed now.



  • Fix the spelling of the first word of the game (You're wellecome!)
  • you get .5*SHILLS XP at the end of a run, not .01*SHILLS XP
  • Hiding the small cards in tooltips for CardArrangement cards in Small Screen mode
  • Fixed bug where the Grout Mine in the boss fight didn't have the grout burr condition on it
  • Fixed bug where Pale Fast Talk wasn't changing its cost outside of your hand
  • Spare Magazine now uses the Temp power keyword
  • Localize heckler argument description.
  • don't use ESC to cancel out of drafts 
  • Localize Warp Vial effects.
  • Fix localization of Ammo, Shrooglet Frenzy, Maternal Instinct.
  • Use Localized card name when confirming card removal.
  • Fix localization of Acidic Slime.
  • Back Channel Negotiations: Localize return_to_giver objective text. 
  • event_sal_expects_the_inquisition.lua now checks that you have at least twice the necessary shills as to be less punishing if you can only barely afford the tithe
  • Fixed bug where Vroc Plume and Targeting Core were not passing themselves as the source when applying conditions
  • Description of Efficient Disposal now updates to reflect multiple stacks increasing the damage, also fixed bug where it was scaling both number of targets AND damage
  • Fixed bug where Spear Head didn't work due to recent changes to when START_RESOLVE occurs
  • Hooked up the Promoted Bandit Thug
  • Added a "mute on lose focus" audio option 
  • Adding UI scale support to the Credits Screen
  • Make the game work properly in really really wide resolutions (like 31:9)
  • Damage from Efficient Disposal now stacks.
  • Suppress fssh bonus on the very first playthrough.
  • Reworded Caprice to use "Hostility" and not "Hostile"
  • Hiding upgrade info on the Card Popup for cards that have an upgraded version, but don't upgrade themselves to it
  • Showing health-related keywords (panic and defend) and death-loot keywords on the Fighter Info popup. Also replaced the previous custom keywords block with the Keywords Widget
  • fix opponent team being weird and cloneful if you lose a negotiation and have to fight during handler_spree_prisoner_exchange.lua
  • Displaying the locked cards in the Compendium as locked
  • Plax nameplates now use the agent to localize the string correctly.
  • added flavor to all of Sal's negotiation cards
  • Update the font weight for chinese
  • Avoid hyperlinking locations with no description.
  • Fix infinite recursion parsing Charge tooltip text in German.
  • Core Collector: Localize the password options.
  • Core Collector: Localize turns for reinforcements message.
  • Fix being able to trash cards in combat, or in a card shop.
  • Suppress click sound & handler when mouse-clicking on a disabled card that is already sold.
  • Localize Evaded! popup text.
  • Update korean glyphs.  Fix incorrect font title/body font for kr/jp.
  • Don't override upgraded item fields.  Fixes Important Admiralty Intel being classified as Common rarity.
  • Unassign clue_1, clue_2 when activatin go_to_woods to avoid triggering failure if you kill the guilty_agent there.

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