[Game Update] - 416198

Release Date: 06/12/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of experimental fixes, and hints of things to come. Also, a full Chinese language translation, which we have been working on for a while.

Thanks to everyone who helped us test out the Steam key granting server! We're all getting ready for the start of Early Access here, and for the game to come to the Steam store. Please give a kind welcome to any new players you see around these parts in the coming days!

  • Added missing upgrade text for Resolute Signet
  • Fade in game over screen.  Fix janky screen flow when winning brawl.
  • Hack in a transition idle after playing negotiation winces.
  • award prestige levels for brawl wins (If you're playing any mode a high-P you deserve the win).
  • Added two new Smith negotiation grafts 
  • make both brawls a little bit shorter (they felt a bit overlong)
  • Added the Bandit, Laborer and Jakes promoted defs (commented out until the builds are ready)
  • Replace usages of 'count' with 'stack'.
  • fix up some ids in the sal_brawl to make old sal brawl saves work
  • Added chinese translation
  • Keep track of what location BGs a player has ever seen. Filter the list of brawl BGs using this info (this will look weird for people who have already unlocked brawl until they play another main game run)
  • Lowering the bloom on buttons. Also adding text-shadow to IconButtons. And changing the resolve color on buttons to UICOLOURS.TITLE instead, since the Resolve and the buttons are the same color, so they were unreadable
  • Vendetta no longer forces retarget for AOE attacks.
  • Prohibit promoted character defs in brawl by querying QuestUtil.FilterPromoted.
  • Fix misleading text on Visionary Hammer.

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