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[Game Update] - 415428

Release Date: 06/09/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're getting the build ready for the start of early access, so a lot of the fixes today are focused on localization and polish. There are a couple of hints in there about the upcoming content, if you read closely, though :)

Oh, and chemists should be less annoying. :wilson_celebrate:


  • Fixing the invalid quest rewards being shown in the brawl
  • localize the situation modifiers
  • harvest legacy strings for localization
  • Fixed bug where Viciousness didn't consider damage from conditions
  • Added a new attack for the upcoming elite laborer unit
  • Fixed typo in description of Visionary Cynotrainer
  • Core Collector: Localize passwords
  • Localize modifier strings for Bad Credit and Bargaining.
  • Localize morning mail dialog strings.
  • Localize friend & enemy killed notification events.
  • Fixed bug where counter would target a random enemy instead of the one attacking
  • Localize "Shielded" description when it appears in an argument tooltip.
  • Localize boon services.
  • Localize intent turn delay string "Occurs in X turns"
  • Fixing the title on the rewards widget, so it doesn't consider short localized strings to be numeric rewards
  • Added new attacks for the upcoming elite units for the admiralty, bandits, jakes, rise and spark barons (all using placeholder anims and not used in any of their behaviours yet)
  • Reworked Mixology to restore health instead of resolve
  • Localize relationship preview strings.
  • Use localized modifier and card names when compositing list of modifiers applied.
  • Use localized Lucky Coin name and descriptions when applying them to the core argument.
  • Localize outfit names on the unlockinspectorscreen.lua
  • Fix modifier descriptions not using localized text when a desc_fn is present.
  • Fix modifier descriptions not using localized text.
  • Reduced max health of the chemists
  • Volatile Substance is no longer piercing and only hits 2 targets instead of all
  • The healing from the Chemists' Vapours skill has increased but the number of targets healed has been reduced to 2
  • Chemists will now sometimes defend
  • Localize Unlock tracks.
  • Localize some strings in the GameOverScreen, NewGameScreen (unlocks), and UnlockInspector.
  • Localize various strings in the New Game flow, including titles for act, character, save games, and outfits.
  • Clarify Bog Boil description as per a suggestion. Thanks!
  • Take Vendetta handling out of the weighted target pick -- it should not be a weighting factor, but a CanTarget constraint.
  • It is possible to apply Targetted to an Surrendered enemy to direct fatal attacks.
  • Battle.Cards now maintain both primary target and secondary_targets, which are maintained across preview and resolving, instead of relying on the secondary targets being regenerated deterministically.  This fails due to the weighted target pick, which is stateful, and changes between preview and card play.
  • update names to remove some used generics

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