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[Game Update] - 413846

Release Date: 06/01/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here's our build candidate for this week's update. We'll fix any issues that crop up overnight, but it otherwise should be good to go. 

  • Mutators are now unlocked by beating both campaigns
  • check for bounds when returning the selected advancement (avoids crash when you beat prestige 15)
  • fix update order issue with traveling at the end of mole_fixer that was showing the map before it updated
  • Replaced Rooted Hammer with Overcharging Hammer
  • Chafe can no longer kill you
  • Batter Up now also applies bleed
  • hired goons leave you at bedtime if they've fought at least once
  • Clarify Authorization boon text.
  • Modifiers that don't do damage but have target_self/target_enemy don't need a target assigned in PrepareTurn.  This avoids preview arrows from appearing in negotiation when you hover certain arguments, like airtight.
  • Fix resolve not updating in an argument's tooltip.
  • Airtight is now cost 3.
  • Maul has been changed to: if the target has no Trauma, apply 2 Trauma.
  • Fire Breather now grants 2 adrenaline instead of 3
  • Fixed bug where Intensify couldn't affect the same card multiple times
  • Obliterate is now rare
  • Recycle has been changed to: expend up to 2 bottles, heal 2 per bottle
  • Fixed description of Scream that was previously showing incorrect damage numbers
  • Slug Smash now deals damage equal to twice your moxie
  • Reduced Adrenaline from Boosted stoke from 8 to 7
  • Reduced cost of Blood Flow by 1
  • Added second upgrade for Mettle
  • Packrat is now uncommon instead of rare
  • Simplify Paid-Off / Bribed: If someone is hindering you, you can pay them off to have them stop.  Otherwise, you can bribe someone so they help you.
  • The shop guard will aid the keeper in Secret Shopper if you start a fight.
  • Flexible Facto is now 0 cost.
  • Adjust xp for Ipso Facto, Abrupt Remark, Erupt.
  • Fixed bug where Renounce could target enemy arguments
  • Added a placeholder weapon swap for crackler
  • Head Shot now requires 2x Evoke Heads.  Changed Twisted Head Shot to Pale Head Shot.
  • Reconsider now Expends.
  • Buying Time no longer has a negative xp modifier.
  • Reduced damage on Hurricane
  • Rooted damage on Right in the Face
  • Added missing upgrade highlighting to standing
  • Fixed description of Pale Bottle Hurl
  • King Hit no longer gets used up by damage-less attacks
  • Clarified description of Broad Inside Fighting
  • Fixed description of Powder Keg
  • smith shouldn't have a lucky coin.
  • Add Defend keyword to Shuffle Step.
  • Fix crashy LocationTooltip.

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