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[Game Update] - 412502

Release Date: 05/25/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today's update is mostly fixes, and some additions to brawl mode. Play today if you want to see the new brawl progress tracker rendered in glorious programmer art!


It's so functional! Our UI expert is going to make it a lot...er... better tomorrow. And probably in a screen location that works in big UI mode. You know... details.


  • Add an unlock screen for when you unlock sal brawl 
  • The default outfit for each character is no longer counted when showing progress on the character
  • Adding a Cancel option to the conversation screen, which allows gamepad users to deselect a convo option (useful if you want to read the conversation without a negotiation/fight-preview taking up the whole screen)
  • Clearing focus from the fighters when cards are dealt on gamepad mode. If the player uses the joystick, they focus on the cards being dealt now.
  • Confirming before removing cards. Also the Info Popup was animating in the buttons, even in gamepad mode
  • Added a programmer-art progress track for brawl (it's getting arted up this week!)
  • Rib Cracker now applies the correct amount of Trauma
  • Added a negotiation to ask for help before the boss fights in Sal's Brawl 
  • Fix skills triggering Worn Out.
  • Second Wind, Matter of Fact: display actions gained and damage dealt in the card text.
  • Fixed bug where Crusher's cost was being reduced even when not in hand
  • Fixed composure increase on upgraded Even Footing
  • Fixed bug where Ricochet wouldn't trigger from attacks that were fully mitigated
  • Fix a bug using incorrect string lengths when extracting keywords from text.  Fixes, for example, Barbed Defense card text in non-ascii characters not substituting for {EXPEND}.
  • Fix Mark only applying if damage was done.
  • Fix upgraded cards from obtaining xp if Unnatural Growth applies.
  • Fix damage previews showing up for cards being played without a target yet.
  • Fix crash petting pets.

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