[Game Update] - 412226

Release Date: 05/22/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Mostly fixes and polish stuff today. With Sal's brawl mostly functional, we're focusing on stability and usability for the rest of the update. If you have longstanding UI complaints please post 'em in-game, and we'll add them to the triage pile.

Have a grifty weekend!

  • Preview damage caused by player-owned conditions now have a different icon.
  • Ensure upgraded fleads have more armour than regular Fleads.
  • Fix up the rise hitboxes so that clicking on them is easier
  • Fixed bug where goon and goon_plus had reversed effects
  • Clear max_xp if it is assigned to 0, so that upgrade-able cards that don't have xp don't show xp ui.
  • Ditto for negotiation: Clear max_xp if it is assigned to 0, so that upgrade-able cards that don't have xp don't show xp ui.
  • Regularized our handling of ESC to back up / cancel / open pause menu
  • Fixed location of show/hide panel button when improvising
  • Remove XP from the cards that Caprice improvises.
  • Fixed bug where Excited Toughen Up was applying Adrenaline to the wrong fighter
  • Reduced the cost of Goon
  • Reduced the Renown requirement on Influencer and Networker
  • Turnabout now destroys the argument instead of removing, to add synergy with powder keg
  • Reduced the cost of boiler
  • Reworked Escalate
  • Buffed composure from Even Footing
  • Forgo no longer adds the confusion card
  • add nil check when switching focus on the cardcompendium screen
  • fix crash in dayoverscreen caused by lua bein' lua and not warning us about re-using member names in derived classes
  • clarify the quest instructions at the end of sal's day 2 
  • Added missing Chest Pound upgrade
  • Smash is now aoe but deals slightly less damage
  • Conquer no longer removes defend and the base damage is 2
  • Increased damage on Desperation
  • Hammer Down now affects both power and adrenaline
  • Intensify no longer increases cost of the chosen card
  • Power Trip cost reduced from 2 to 1
  • Shrewd no longer removes Recoverable Health
  • Buffed Stoke and its upgrades
  • Reworked Body Blow
  • Clean House now re-draws cards equal to the number discarded
  • Rename the Weak Point debuff to Defect, to avoid conflict with Weak Points the buff.
  • Weak Points now previews Piercing for all attack cards while active.
  • Give Oshnu Bile an extra charge.
  • Reduce damage on Shock-Box slightly.
  • Reduce the defense gained by Threekwa's Cautious slightly, on higher prestige.
  • Reworked Smith's Obliterate
  • Targeted is now marked as a debuff
  • Fixed bug where Blank didn't retarget if the gamble caused by it hit its own target
  • Surge Coil's damage preview now always shows the correct hit count

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