[Game Update] - 411492

Release Date: 05/20/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes! Some day, everything will be fixed. Today, as you can see, is not yet this day.


  • Aligning the fighters' unit frame to the feet of the fighter, so that when more conditions get piled up, they grow upwards instead of downwards, potentially getting obscured by the UI widgets
  • Allowing card clicks in small-screen mode, instead of just dragging and dropping
  • Added a new negotiation keyword for Smith.
  • Reworked Collected.
  • Increased wound from Shatter by 1
  • Fixed bug where Shatter worked with only a single bottle
  • fixed bug caused by making multiple enemies flee with the same attack
  • Add a smaller floater in combat to indicate defended damage.
  • In mouse&keyboard, right-click invokes the FighterInfoPopup instead of left-click.
  • Right-click can close the fighterinfopopup
  • Added wild upgrades for Bash, Dropkick and Toughen Up
  • Battle Plan / Assault no longer apply as soon as Execute cards are added.
  • Fix combat drones not surrending right away if there was a grout on the team.
  • Fix grouts not checking if they should disappear after a team member surrenderd or fled.
  • Fix the battle "Call In..." cards from always attacking an enemy with Targetted.
  • Suppress queued floaters once the entity has been despawned.
  • Fix Flekfis negotiation referring to non-existent argument.
  • Retrieving agent boons/banes correctly on the Relationship screen
  • Do Over can no longer be played unless you have some Influence and/or Dominance.
  • nil-check core argument when updating coin, in case it has been removed due to side-effects of a coin flip.
  • Fix potential crash with Bloodbath if one of the targets was killed by the attack.
  • Fix issue with combat not ending right away if a counter attack killed the final enemy, causing Grouts to flee.
  • Fixing the savefile tooltips' titles
  • When fighting the Drone Goon, only one of the starting drones has charge when it enters combat
  • Fix a situation where Jakes Smugglers might not do anything until you refresh their intent by attacking them, etc.
  • Fixed description of amplifier to use the Ability keyword
  • Moved the effect of Overbear to OnPreResolve to prevent incorrect number of attacks
  • Smith's Flask and Ammo Pouch now show the cards that they can improvise in the compendium
  • Rise Forces and Baron Forces now show the cards they can improvise in the compendium
  • Fix Tackle showing Defend modifiers affecting the target instead of the player.
  • Add quips to Foul Mouth.
  • Vent: Now hits all enemies.
  • Insult now passes itself as the source of the dominance it grants
  • Fixed bug where Combat Drones wouldn't check for sentients if their ally fled instead of surrendering
  • The Hesh Zealot now has a ranged riposte
  • Fixed bug where Flawless Casualty didn't calculate number of arguments correctly
  • Fused Collider now clears the current card costs at the end of your turn
  • Add "No Charge" error msg to Take Cover, Fan the Hammer if you have no charges.
  • Absorber and Brain Barrage have usage counters.
  • Flash Bladge no longer hilights the core argument in the UI, as it cannot be targetted.
  • Topple: Check for no more intents
  • restore quest spawn timestamps, because quest cooldowns still use them (for oppos, for example)
  • fix crash when spawning factionless rook story jobs

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