[Game Update] - 411449

Release Date: 05/19/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Lots of fixes today, and some tweaks to the quest/event selection algorithm that should prevent the same content from repeating too often if other content is also valid.

Oh, and for prestige 1 and higher, no more same-day restarts. It's called prestige, after all. :)


  • New games started with a prestige level will no longer be offered the day restart legacy.
  • Add a new system to prevent particular quests and events from spawning too often between runs - this should help reduce perceived repetition
  • Remove inaccurate Replenish keyword on Nano Lattice.
  • Tendrils no longer damages you while being drawn.
  • Sal's negotiation faction cards now show up in her Compendium.
  • Delete superfluous rook casting from a random event.
  • DropDown and Spinner should not invoke state change if being assigned the current index.  Fixes the Graphics options from re-dirtying itself after applying changes.
  • Any CharacterDef flagged unique automatically gets its ID as its alias.  This ensures NPC_ROOK and NPC_SAL are aliased, so that quests casting them will lookup the existing instance first.
  • Append card count to the deck screen title so it's always there.
  • Fix BottomOverlayBar mis-alignment.
  • Remove unused lx/ly fields in SolidBox and EmptyPanel.
  • Fix the UI removing the wrong save slot widget when deleting them.
  • Only populate workers quarters with workers once a phase to prevent you from trivially re-entering.
  • Fixed bug where parasites that gain xp when drawn could be duplicated by cards that draw and play a card automatically
  • Fixed bug where the counter on Lumin Kunai wasn't resetting correctly
  • Fixed bug where Erchin's would sometimes not prepare an action when they should be
  • Fixed issue where Tantrum used the base cost of a card instead of it's calculated cost
  • Illicit Shifter and Chemical Regulator now add XP to the chosen cards so that cancelling the upgrade doesn't revert the card to its original xp
  • Fixed bug where Splinter was applying Cripple even without bottles to expend
  • Chemists no longer incept cards if you evade their attacks
  • Oolo's Oshnu now waits a turn before unshelling
  • Allow for unclickable character symbols in fights (for example, bandit goon2's crossbow)
  • Push the three-fighter formation a bit wider to help clicking the back character
  • Classic Smith - The created Bully cards no longer have xp.
  • Make execute cards Freebies so their cost isn't modified by Fused Collider.
  • Fix some cards not applying affects if their damage was defended.
  • Dissect: fix crash if no valid targets
  • Forgo: cannot be played if there is no other card in hand to Expend.
  • Notion crash fix: Fix non-existent reference to num_cards
  • Handle warning when double edge destroys Buildup during it's attack phase.
  • Fix Turnabout crash if it is played without any valid targets (eg. through Long Winded)

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