[Game Update] - 410162

Release Date: 05/11/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today adds some new features to brawl, some general fixes, and some new sal grafts. Brawls currently feel a bit relentless / attrition-focused, so I think we'll probably add some brawl-equivalent of the main game's orange oppos tomorrow. 

How is the difficulty feeling, currently? We got some feedback from the Kashio fight (where she was missing her auction loot :), so I know that at least some players have made it that far.


  • The Replace-Grafts screen wasn't updating its scroll panel size after aligning contents, which meant the scroll bar wouldn't show sometimes
  • Nerve Strike no longer applies cripple if evaded
  • add pet seller to the brawl
  • new brawl quests: sal_brawl_undermine, sal_brawl_make_peace
  • Fixed issue where cards duplicated by Muscle Memory weren't counted as having been improvised (for effects such as backstab)
  • Added three new improvise focuses grafts for Sal 
  • adjust the backup/oppo generators for sal_brawl_group_battle
  • add difficult quests to the brawl
  • Fixed incorrect desc on Boosted Masochist
  • Added nil-check to turnabout
  • Fixed bug where Sealed Admiralty Envelope wasn't giving the right amount of influence
  • Increased defend gained from Zig Zag by 1
  • Fixed bug where Nadan's debuff application ignored evade
  • Marked the Zealot's attack as a debuff
  • Added upgrade highlight to Improve Accuracy
  • Fan The Hammer now requires charge and attacks once per charge
  • Calcifier now works with Adrenaline instead of Temporary Power
  • Gunslinger now correctly previews its hit count
  • remove wreet from the rando name pile, because wreet is a real person now
  • fix end of day screen filling up each day of the brawl
  • Make kashio have her tricks at the end of brawl
  • mark brawl boss fights as combat encounters
  • Fix Eccentricity descriptive text showing the wrong cost range.

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