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[Game Update] - 410108

Release Date: 05/14/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We added some more quests to the main game and to brawl mode today. Old brawl saves will be incompatible, sorry to say. We'll have that stabilized for the actual release of brawl.

  • add side_matter_of_faith
  • add sal_brawl_win_the_crowd
  • add sal_brawl_pick_sides
  • Fixed crash caused by Defenseless
  • Removed flag on muscle_memory_plus2 that was making it not expend
  • Sal's brawl no longer counts as a win for unlocking new prestige levels
  • secret intel argument added
  • add an agent title format string
  • predetermine the brawl a lot more, so that we can balance the quest types
  • Added upgrade highlighting to planning_plus2
  • Rugged Wiring now clarifies: when you take enemy damage.
  • Fix Power from Rentorian Battle Armor not being removed when you take certain forms of damage.
  • Clarify card text on Overloaded Core.
  • Clarify Improvise tooltip desc to not mention 'random pool'.  The cards that Improvise from a random pool state this in their card text.
  • Fixed order of operations on Go Between
  • Fixed bug where One One One wouldn't play its anim three times (still dealt damage 3 times)
  • Fixed description of caprice_plus
  • Added a max_stacks to Hilt Slam
  • Remove SPARK_BARON_AUTOMECH and RISE_AUTOMECH skins, they shouldn't exist.  Fixes Enforcer Enforcer and Cobblebot Cobblebot showing up.
  • Fix death by fragile health.
  • Fix crash updating survival widget when no survival is taking place.  These widgets are actually kept around in the MainOverlay.
  • Turns counter actually isn't incremented per team, so amend the math.

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