[Game Update] - 409619

Release Date: 05/07/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today's build add a bunch of new cards for Sal, and a lot of changes to prestige 2 negotiations. The Sal brawl isn't quite ready to show yet. I hope to show very rough version tomorrow.

  • Added new Improvise-focused cards for Sal
  • The Bogger Clobber no longer has Shield Bash while on your team
  • Suspicion now reduces by 1 at the beginning of the NPC turn, and always reduces Diplomacy damage by 1.  Suspicion+ reduces it by 2.
  • Fixed bug where Smith's Boosted Flask could infinitely improvise chug
  • Fix Proposition descriptive text
  • Fatigue sets in before any begin turn triggers, including Defend loss.  This specifically allows you to block damage caused by Fragile Health.
  • The Admiralty Patrol Leader's Mighty Thrust is no longer piercing.
  • Fix Admiralty Patrol Leader's Protect buff from disappearing immediately.
  • Admiralty Patrol Leader's Prepared Stance now scales with difficulty.
  • Fixed bug where Resonance was adding Efficient disposal
  • Fixing the focusing order for the cards in hand, on gamepad mode
  • Bleed and the Volatile Spark now trigger after Skeletal Suspension
  • Chaser is now: restore 10 resolve, insert 2 Slurred Speech into your draw.
  • Appropriator now takes 2 cards on Prestige 2.  It no longer boosts damage, but destroying it creates Impatience.
  • fix crash in graft upgrade screen
  • Fix description of bog_blaster
  • Dilemma no longer resets its cost when played
  • Keenskin now also triggers off bounties.
  • Fixed description of the Projector condition
  • Fixed bug where projector required targeting and the condition was hidden
  • Remove the weird 'eruption' intent for bandits, it almost never shows up and is indistinguishable from regular damage intents.
  • Eruption+ gains resolve as well.
  • New foreman negotiation behaviour that supports prestige 2.
  • Add language disclaimer to all supported languages.
  • CardShops now have the actual card instances instead of just card IDs (necessary so that card start xp can be based off the modified max_xp provided by Unnatural Growth)
  • Changed all cards that used Autoplay to trigger at the end of your turn instead. This means they no longer count as card plays.
  • Fixed bug where Warp Vial wasn't changing its flags correctly
  • Fixed typo in desc of Reuse
  • Smith's Flask can now only improvise Chug twice in a row
  • Fixed bug where Rugged Wiring could give negative power if you were struck before the start of your turn
  • Added new Improvise-focused cards for Sal 
  • Fix Tyrannize providing Dominance even without Influence if you played it via Duplicity.
  • Fix By The Book being able to resolve against the core argument if double-played via Double Duty or the like.
  • Psimulacrum and Insistence only creates duplicate modifiers after removing themselves to prevent infinite loops.
  • Fix upgraded Quick Strap not showing the limited-upgrade UI.
  • Fix the scavenger event offering you battle grafts you already have an upgraded version of.
  • Show all "Assassin's Mark" cards before dealing them into your draw.
  • Pale Ergo is now Visionary Ergo.  It had to be done!
  • Don't add duplicate feature ids to keyword widgets.
  • Brainwash+ adds Impatience for each Propaganda card you have.
  • Secret Shopper: Fix modified prestige payment payment.
  • Fixed description of shatterguard
  • Added new Smith cards to support Trauma
  • Allowing the gamepad to switch between convo options and plax agents. Also hiding the Travel option if there isn't an Open Map button.
  • Reduced the damage and wound dealt by the Enforcer call in card
  • Reduced the amount of charges of the Rise Rebel call in card from 4 to 3
  • Fellemo's call in attack now hits 4 times instead of 5 (same overall damage)
  • The tooltip for the Doubt inception now states that its damage increases per count.
  • Adding a filter sidebar to the deck screen
  • Fix Strained Rant not factoring in cost modifiers to the discarded cards.
  • Drawback is now "...cost 1 less until played."
  • refresh card order when reinserting into a CardArrangement.  Fixes wrong ordering for cards when being triggered.
  • Brainwash now shows the Propaganda card in its tooltip.

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