[Game Update] - 408956

Release Date: 05/05/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here's the last major round of fixes. There will be a minor update to experimental later to patch in some art and sound, but this is the release candidate other than that.


  • Add an event that gives you the sealed_admiralty_envelope
  • The Toolbox mutator should always come after Veteran.
  • added two quest icons for the hatch envelope quests
  • Fix some agent spawning code that was not registering skins properly, which would lead to clones running around
  • remove duplicate Tinu from rando name list.
  • Wave, Whirl, Shear: Verify check empty targets list.
  • Buff Erchin damage and health slightly.
  • Indicate opinion change when charging the erchin nest solo.
  • clarify the pay to help text
  • Proposition now previews a Kickback card with the correct amount of shills.
  • Wealthy Merchant negotiation support has its own quips.
  • Skittish should only trigger when allies die/surrender.
  • Increased self-damage on Fever
  • Added a nil-check to the Grout Treasure Burrs from the final boss
  • Know It All now adds 1 Vulnerability.  Purified Know It All adds none.
  • Money Talks is now: At the start of your turn, a random card costs more shills for the turn.  Money Talks+ (Prestige 2) is "...for the negotiation."
  • Remove the damage from Vertical Slash.  Gouge is 3-3.
  • Tall Clean Open is now 2-8.
  • The Options screen now shows the main player instead of always showing Sal.
  • Caught in the Chaos: fix soft progression blocker.
  • Assassin's Mark and Lumin Burn are considered Enemy cards for Compendium purposes.
  • Current: Verify check empty targets list.
  • fix nadan's last name
  • add some missing self_defense tags in event_shel_vs_nature

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