[Game Update] - 407906

Release Date: 04/29/20

Update Information:

Hey Griftters,

Big changes today in Smith-land - we're trying to make moxie read better before we add a lot of special UI for it. Also, we fixed a bunch of bugs and did some tuning.

How are the new prestige levels treating you? I imagine it's hard to get back into the mindset of someone who just unlocked p1 for the first time :)

  • Reworked Smith's Moxie to add a random amount of moxie when you take damage, but always heal for your total moxie
  • Showing the current coin on the Pick Coin Screen
  • Krilled Up is now considered a debuff.
  • Paper Pushers now always creates a fresh argument instead of stacking.
  • Rename the NPC core argument "Stoic" to "Impassive" (there is already a Stoic support argument)
  • Fix Stoic's splash damage implementation.
  • Fix issue with splash damage floater not showing up vs. Short Fuse.  This was because the modifier removal happens asynchronously, but the notify presentation for Short Fuse (because an argument died) causes a presentational delay before the floater gets created -- by the time it's over, the original argument's widget is gone.
  • Add Composure keyword to Jugularnaut.
  • Slight tuning changes to make Kashio easier and the Bog Boss slightly harder
  • Raid: removed the damage multiplier.
  • Species boons do not have their prestige scaling until Day 2.
  • Kradeshi healing is now 2 (4 on prestige).
  • Added the Lifter Claw death loot
  • Adjusted the strength of the Lumin Kunai
  • Fix Dauntless re-enabling morale even in a NO_SURRENDER scenario.
  • Blade Fury now correctly previews the number of times it will hit
  • Evoke now plays the card from anywhere (even discards).  However, it can trigger at most once a turn for a given card.
  • Clarified description of Focused Assault
  • Reduced cost of Ravenous by 1 and increased healing by 2 
  • Increased bleed on Savage Barnacle from 3 to 5
  • Reduced Dominance from Assertive Glanworm from 4 to 3
  • Added Sticky to the Giant Stinger
  • Fixed bug with Exertion
  • Clarified description of Brutality
  • Evading raid prevents money loss.
  • Add recovered stolen money as its own item to the loot screen.
  • Fixed the bug where fighters were still selectable when cards were dealt to the player and the screen was waiting for a confirmation click. On gamepad mode, if the mouse pointer had been left on top of a fighter, this caused the A button to trigger the fighter info panel, instead of confirming the dealt card(s)
  • Clarify Blinders card text.
  • Fix Visionary Exertion.
  • Fix tooltips on cards sometimes missing if they are animated due to NotifyTriggered or the like, and return to the hand.
  • Remove extra dead space on Lumin Bio-generator's tooltip.
  • Fix bug in rook's new quest where it would crash if he thought about his dead enemies 
  • Fix crash if your favored combatant ran away but did not die.
  • Fix flead chitinous stacks.

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