[Game Update] - 393080

Release Date: 02/04/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Thanks for the bug reports! Here is the latest batch of experimental fixes:

  • fix typo that was killing the post-fight Threekwa questions
  • New dialog for Eonwe
  • mark up some delivermoneys as shops, so that discounts properly apply
  • Rook's parasites now have rarities to indicate their parasite tier
  • Rework of Serrated Edge Upgrade. It now doubles both WOUND and CRIPPLE instead of giving triple WOUND.
  • The dodgy scavenger who offers you items from a past life now uses random (low) prices, rather than trying to come up with a value for uniques
  • Fixed the money indicator in the mainoverlay getting delayed updates
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking all the compendium while a compendium popup was open broke the connection between the popup and the widget that was supposed to gain focus when the popup closed.
  • Fixed arrows not working in the notifications
  • Patch up some dialog in sal_story_capture_nadan, to allow for the chance the the player steals the pack oshnu
  • Mark up a negotiation in rise_asset_liberation to be an intimidation if you aren't friends with the target

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