[Game Update] - 389181

Release Date: 01/10/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

I have something special for you: there's a new option in the main menu on the experimental branch called "EXPERIMENTS". If you click on this, and enter the correct password, you can try out some WIP stuff outside of the main game. In this build, we're using this to help us tune our next boss fight. Experiments will probably get retired and replaced over time, and are a way for us to highlight areas were we need a little extra coverage. 

They are also full of temporary, incomplete art, and probably crash a lot, so I've hidden them behind a password. The password is in the spoiler section below - I just don't want players stumbling into an experiment without knowing what they're getting themselves into :)




The first experiment is: FIGHTING KASHIO! Kashio is a very variable boss, so we're looking for your feedback and metrics in order to set her starting difficulty somewhere reasonable. When you fight Kashio at the auction, her fighting style is determined by the artifacts that are there (there's a random pool that we are drawing from). In the lead-up to the fight, you have ways to take 0,1, or 2 of the artifacts for yourself.

In the Kashio experiment, we draw a new random set of artifacts, and then select one of approximately 1000 decks that we harvested from the game's metrics for Sal to use. These decks are all real decks used by players that finished day 4 in the past month. You then pick a couple items from the auction, and get to fighting.

See if you can beat Kashio with 0, 1, or 2 artifacts! Are certain types of decks easier than others? How much health are you losing, on average? Please send in your feedback, and discuss your findings here. We'll be updating the fight based on feedback (and with new art) starting next week.

Oh, and the password is: KRASHIO



  • Added EXPERIMENTS! (see spoiler section for details)
  • Erchins now have lower panic threshold on your team
  • Making the compendium show the cards in the new card grid widget with lazy loading - this should speed up load times for that screen considerably.
  • Fixed the default character role on plaxes
  • Hooked up player character specific fight emotes

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