[Game Update] - 386279

Release Date: 12/16/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Here are some more fixes, based on the weekend feedback. Thanks for all of the reports, big and small. 

  • Don't let the user upgrade grafts while negotiations or battle are happening
  • Lock graft upgrades from GameOverScreen.
  • Fix crash showing graft upgrade from the ReplaceGraftScreen.
  • Hook up Double Duty, Rabble Rouser, and Stoic as negotiation support mechanics for the Barons, Rise, and labourers.
  • Black market icon change for rook. now it's the jakes' logo.
  • Show no_surrender flag in battle preview, if appropriate.
  • Fix Decisive/Speculative Grumble not showing the post-flip modified damage appropriately.  NotifyChanged will now lock in the damage and modifier string for the UI to display.
  • Don't show percentage complete in save file tooltips, because that number was never particularly accurate.
  • Hide the overcharge number on the blaster screen because it was confusing people.
  • Make fight preview panel cancelable so that you can alternate between two fight options quickly and have the preview show up.
  • Filter hatch cards out of "free upgrade" list.
  • Removed blowout in the upgrade track and replaced it with firestorm.
  • Name changes on reversal and suckerpunch graft.
  • Clarify blockade descriptive text.
  • Mark Rise Radical's "Disrupt" as a debuff. 
  • Krilled Up now causes you to lose health directly instead of take damage, as per the description.
  • Non-attack cards no longer consume Feedback Loop's first strike bonus.
  • Clarify Hover Pack's descriptive text.
  • Fix cards options in the ChooseCardsPopup still being hoverable when you hide the overlay.

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