[Game Update] - 385911

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Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

This is a hotfix release that brings release in-line with the current experimental. This includes a whole mountain of bugfixes, and the new graft upgrade system.

Have fun!


  • Reexport image atlases from scratch (old data was sticking around in there and causing some issues)
  • Preventing the spawned cards in battle from showing up where the mouse clicked, instead of the centre of the screen. Updating the text on the "Click to continue" banner based on the control input method. And removing the large tooltips from dealt cards
  • Fixed bug where Scanned wouldn't trigger on surrendered targets.
  • Fix war_machine time limit (was operating on phases, not "today")
  • Clarified the desc of Ricochet. It only gets triggered by damage from cards, i.e. ricochet wont bounce multiple times and burn wont trigger ricochet
  • Reworked Rebound to only grant Counter. Increased said counter from 1 to 2 per card
  • Burn now checks for surrender on all affected targets to ensure that enemies that have prepared attacks don't play those attacks if they should surrender
  • Fixed invisible grenade launcher.
  • Added a counter to the desc of weighted_coin 
  • fix dialog conditional on death that was evaluated before the battle
  • Clarify the description of Take Supporters
  • Lots of typos fixed!
  • Dig now sets its own cost to 0 AFTER all other cost modifiers
  • Fix crash when looking at unupgraded graft details
  • Encumbered only gets triggered by attack cards (to prevent defend cards from triggering it)
  • All Autodog Bites are now marked with the DEBUFF flag
  • GraftCollection:NotOwned() now also checks if you have the upgraded version of the graft
  • Rook-specific items in rook_item_actions are now strictly in the ROOK series instead of general
  • Weak Point now only gets reduces by attacks, not just any card. It also decreases by 1 instead of being completely removed
  • Multiple plays of dead draw no longer cancel the effects of previous dead draws
  • clarify the description of bio-feedback (it's for combat only)
  • show pending graft upgrades in the loot screen
  • Fix card UI issue that was causing rook's interface to overlap health bars
  • Update rook negotiaiotn tutorial art to get rid of button confusion.
  • Added nilcheck so not having a default focus wont crash
  • Fix red bandana upgarde description
  • The socialize friend boon happens with people who like you, rather than love you, so that you can get the benefit of the relationship improvement
  • Card removal option is a shop (for price calculation purposes)
  • Rolled back some touch stuff that was interfering with the mkb setup for the tutorial screen
  • Metallic enemies are immune to diseased
  • Fix string for faction dislike
  • Give hebbel a card shop
  • Show graft upgrades in the compendium
  • Hunker_down is now correctly marked as wild
  • Gab now calls the Evoke() function instead of PlayCard()
  •     This solves an issue where Gab could be evoked from the resolve deck, chaining into an infinite
  • Fixed the zip file loader for large files.
  • Add Prepared keyword to temporal wire+
  • Add Prepared keyword to temporal wire
  • Use ApplyPersuasion for coins, so that they go through damage modifiers.
  • Added a nil-check to oppo_bog_shaman.lua and event_bog_flower_part2.lua so the game wont crash if you don't have the horrible_rash anymore (for whatever reason)
  • event_bog_flower_part2.lua can no longer spawn while oppo_bog_shaman is also active
  • Supress random events when oppos are active
  • Added condition priorities to EVASION and DEFEND so Evasion always gets triggered first
  • Changed DISEASE_RIDDEN to trigger ON_HIT instead of on damage applied (for consistency with other similar conditions)
  • Textual fixes (typos, wrong speakers, etc)
  • Added an event priority to bluff so it always costs 0 if you have Heads on the coin
  • Flag Feral Autodog wounding attacks as a debuff.
  • clarify dead draw card text
  • Clearer card text on coin_heads/coin_snails.
  • ON_HIT now gets called on all targets, instead of only once per hit_index This fixes a bug where ON_HIT effects weren't being triggered because the event would only be called on one target instead of all of them.
  • No longer counting the graft upgrades in the compendium, so that the unlocked numbers are correct.
  • Grafts gain XP when they get used, and upgrade!
  • Only the right speaker should speak the whispered_rumours dialog.
  • Adorable erchin supports stacking, but changed to only every 3rd turn.
  • Making the straight-up fight option against nadan's goons 'self defense'
  • Add CanOwnPet precondition to pet_return to fix being able to acquire a pet even after installing Calamity Jar
  • Fix feedback_loop, weak_point not decaying.
  • Force scorched earth to retarget for each expended card.
  • Add {EXPEND} keyword to Bleed for consistency.
  • Remove redundant definition of Sick card.  Sick now costs 1 to expend, and no longer autoplays, to differentiate it from Baffled.
  • Add Unplayable keyword to Baffled.
  • Disable Autoplay generated keyword for battle cards.
  • Fix quest result crash where admiralty_friend is killed in battle in handler_spree_neutralize_guard
  • Adding long-press and double-click functionality to the Clickable class. Making the scroll panels draggable. Making card tooltips show a massive card if on small screens. Making the new game screen handle small devices and touch input
  • Paying off the bouncer should complete the optional objective in the fsshcakes quest
  • Dev stuff:
    •    Added support for a Lua debugger
    •    Added automatic testing routines to find bugs
    •    Hooked up coverage testing mechanism for individual quests
    •    (this stuff isn't too interesting for you, but should theoretically lead to fewer bugs!)


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