[Game Update] - 385777

Release Date: 12/13/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Wow! Amazing feedback, y'all! We're hard at work sorting through it and fixing things. Here's the first round of fixes applied to experimental. We're currently debating whether or not to batch-promote them all to release as a giant hotfix. That sounds like a good Friday thing to do, right? :)

  • Lots of typos fixed!
  • Dig now sets its own cost to 0 AFTER all other cost modifiers
  • Fix crash when looking at unupgraded graft details
  • Encumbered only gets triggered by attack cards (to prevent defend cards from triggering it)
  • All Autodog Bites are now marked with the DEBUFF flag
  • GraftCollection:NotOwned() now also checks if you have the upgraded version of the graft
  • Rook-specific items in rook_item_actions are now strictly in the ROOK series instead of general
  • Weak Point now only gets reduces by attacks, not just any card. It also decreases by 1 instead of being completely removed
  • Multiple plays of dead draw no longer cancel the effects of previous dead draws
  • clarify the description of bio-feedback (it's for combat only)
  • show pending graft upgrades in the loot screen
  • Fix card UI issue that was causing rook's interface to overlap health bars
  • Update rook negotiaiotn tutorial art to get rid of button confusion.
  • Added nilcheck so not having a default focus wont crash
  • Fix red bandana upgarde description
  • The socialize friend boon happens with people who like you, rather than love you, so that you can get the benefit of the relationship improvement
  • Card removal option is a shop (for price calculation purposes)
  • Rolled back some touch stuff that was interfering with the mkb setup for the tutorial screen
  • Metallic enemies are immune to diseased
  • Fix string for faction dislike
  • Give hebbel a card shop
  • Show graft upgrades in the compendium
  • Hunker_down is now correctly marked as wild
  • Gab now calls the Evoke() function instead of PlayCard()
  •     This solves an issue where Gab could be evoked from the resolve deck, chaining into an infinite

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