[Game Update] - 382253

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Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes. Nothing *too* exciting, which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to bug fixes. 

  • Reduced max resolve of all_business by 1.
  • Defer plax phase changes in most cases - this will stop the "sudden nighttime" glitch.
  • Update description on Auto-Plating to keyword defend.
  • Move the default Heart modifier to Negotiator:OnStartNegotiator, so the on_start_negotiation hook can decide whether to replace it or not.  Fixes the default modifier being shown as removed when negotiating vs. Threekwa.
  • Update some of the remaining UI screens to use CONTROL_MAP so that controllers work better.
  • Update Panic description to clarify its behaviour at 1 stack.
  • Fix death preview being shown on Protoype Drones, which had their normal health and could be killed normally.
  • Don't give aggressive cards for ISOLATED fights.
  • All the beast pets except the vrocs and crayotes fall back to [support, beast] quips in negotiation.
  • Allow posted features to recursively post other features when building tooltips.
  • Set sal_hesh_outpost_entry_1.lua cooldown to LONG, to prevent you from ever seeing it twice in one run.
  • PutImportantAgentsInWorld() no longer clears parties for agents in the player party.
  • Shrink edit label box for name setting, so that really long names that break the UI can't be assigned.
  • Flag Jakes' Knee Cap as a debuff, as it applies EXPOSED.


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