[Game Update] - 381672

Release Date: 11/21/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Another day, another pile of fixes. Thanks for all of the reports!

  • Some balance changes to damage on Sal cards.
  • Fix Wide Wild Lunge so it behaves like Target Practice (could conceivably attack the same enemy twice).
  • Hide the targeting arrow correctly in gamepad mode if focusing on an Intent.
  • Clean up presentation of handler job choice:
    •    Don't show jobs in the quest log until you accept them.
    •    Make sure the reward widget displays the correct values before you accept the quest.
    •    Make sure the opt tooltip always displays as an offer, not a status.
  • DoAttack now doesn't abort the postAttack of the previous card played unless it has the same anim as the new attack.
  • Removed Sal's dreams.
  • Intro dialogue when changing outfit no longer repeats every time you change outfit.
  • Fixed crash when trying to call over a pet that you have left in your room.
  • Fixed two crashes related to calling :Fn() in the on_success of a negotiation.
  • Removed undefined variables being passed into PayMoney().
  • Interior Drill now behaves like Quick Charger (reduce card cost until played).
  • Locked prestige level buttons no longer show a tooltip listing their modifiers.
  • Update noodle descs to adhere to guidelines: when there are multiple actions, they are distinct sentences.
  • Fix description on feint_plus2f.  Also, only remove 1 stack when an attack card is resolved).
  • SetCardFocus on PRE_RESOLVE rather than POST_RESOLVE for more responsiveness when playing with a gamepad.
  • Update Favored by Hesh description to refer to {SURRENDER} instead of morale.
  • Fix sharpen and shadow_mastery not stacking.
  • Battle conditions defined in cards should inherit the card's desc_fn if necessary.

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