[Game Update] - 368093

Release Date: 09/16/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

  Work on the second character continues. We can currently play through a full day and build both decks, although many big things are still changing. As we're doing this, though, we are also still fixing and tuning Sal stuff. Here are the most recent changes:

  • Fixed some issues with people forgetting that they've met you, and reintroducing themselves.
  • Try suppressing fighter tooltips while attack presentation is ongoing.
  • Rework bartender's negotiation behaviour to be a little more focussed and on flavour.
  • The meditation spot oppo can increase your perm resolve.
  • First Blood does 4 extra bleed, instead of 2.
  • Slight increase to argument resolve for airtight, tactical mind.  Slightly reduction to bulldoze.
  • Move the TOOK_JOB opinion event into the accept handler of side jobs, instead of OnStart.  Some quests get activated but are not technically "accepted" yet -- see sal_story_merchants.lua.
  • Remove SKILL flags from various items.  This caused them to show up in Thieves' Instinct's pool.
  • Fix can_own_pets management.  Handle the case where calamitary jar is removed, or duplicated, etc, etc.
  • Fix Rival's Feint description not showing modified Defend values.
  • Change blade_fury description to avoid using the word 'repeat' (used in a way that is inconsistent with the keyword)
  • Added upgrade highlight to low_blow.
  • Changed breather to use 2 combo instead of 3.
  • Fix TravelScreen pop crash.
  • Changed all cards that copy themselves or another card to not show xp on the new created card.
  • Clear focus when Screens lose topmost.  This "fixes" tooltips not working on cards in the showdeck screen due to the MainOverlay nav buttons being flagged show_tooltip_on_focus and stealing the tooltip.
  • Added new bite attack for the autodog.
  • Fix modifier description generation even if there is no minigame instance (ie in card compendium or deck view).
  • Changed all consume items to have 1 charge instead of just the consume keyword for consistency. 
  • Fixed bug where thin_skin and fragile_health would stack to apply 99 wound on first damage taken
  • Fixed loading into game and being unable to leave your location.  Tracker:UpdateAllQuests needs to be moved now to PostLoad, because QuestUtil.CanTakeSideJob looks up the singleton GameState and returns false if it is nil, which is the case during construction.


You may have also noticed that you can use many of the UI screens now using just the keyboard. We're working our way through each one and updating it for keyboard/controller. It's not quite ready for real play yet, but it's coming along!




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