[Game Update] - 367452

Release Date: No value

Update Information:

This minor patch mainly addresses some bugs with the recent content.

  • Fixed bug where sketchy equipment would deal damage on all cards played
  • Raise the bonus for skipping grafts to 30 shills.
  • Fix the assassin (among likely many others) not being tracked as "met" in the profile
  • Improve Deceive descriptive text.
  • Clarify Hunted social bane description.
  • Fix Stinging Eyes not unapplying affected cards when it is removed.
  • Don't skip all remaining viz when the core argument is shown to reach 0 resolve, so that side effects of the final play can be seen.
  • Fix various strings and formatting bugs.
  • Fix Blacklisted triggering every turn.
  • Fix a potential crash related to the Rise Outpost.
  • Use random names when using non-Compendium characters instead of generic class names like "Bandit" or "Priest".
  • Bugfix for the bad_faith bane
  • Bugfix for reckless_insults
  • You can now go back to the bar to get help if you look at the map in the kill oolo quest

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