[Game Update] - 366012

Release Date: 09/05/19

Update Information:

This minor patch addresses a number of card issues and formatted text, but mainly we pushed it through to fix a bug with Stun that crept in last update (oops).  You can also see location names on the map now!

* Fix Stun not aborting NPC behaviours.
* Impending Doom should create a new modifier when it dies, rather than adding to any existing ones (eg. ones created via Exploit Weakness)
* Fixed Rival's Feint applying to the wrong target
* Clarify Authorization social boon description.
* Location names are now shown when hovering them on the travel screen
* Fix possible crash with Churn if you have no cards to draw.
* The room at the Grog n Dog is no longer a zoomed in scene.
* Armoured no longer increases damage of piercing attacks.
* Fixed bug where Hanbis power supply wasn't removing power when discarded
* Fix bug with heshian amulet healing 1 instead of 3 per card
* Fix formatted text on Doze Bug and a few other grafts.
* Fix being able to access the deck viewer and upgrading your cards within negotiation/battle.
* Use dynamic masking for each argument spot on the wheel, instead of using premade textures for each count.
* Reworked Attitude and Obtuse so they aren't exactly the same.
* Hilite doomed upgrade description, and assign it an upgrade name (Focused Doom)
* Some dialogue edits.
* Fix the Boss grafts sorting order in the Compendium.
* Remove the Improvise keyword from Ergo's description, as it does not technically improvise.
* Fix being able to press for information about asset recovery before the quest is activated.

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