[Game Update] - 365365

Release Date: 09/04/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are the accumulated changes from the past couple of days. These are almost all bug fixes and minor balance tweaks because most of us are busy working on the new-character stuff that I can't talk about yet. :)

  • Updated social grafts to all use their stacks so that having multiples matters.
  • Hook up authorization / red_tape to ADMIRALTY_CLERK boon/bane.
  • Toxic Fumes now costs 0.
  • Fix status_pinned sometimes linking the battle condition of the same name (should always refer to the card).
  • The Annihilation battle condition is now considered a debuff.
  • Fix the Defend-loss floater widget not showing.
  • Fix noxious_vial crash if you had Defend up.
  • Can no longer find your lost pet with Calamity Jar installed.
  • Add upgrades to Doomed.
  • Added faction titles to the filter buttons in the compendium.
  • Fixed the layout timing on the battle/negotiation preview so that the team leaders show up in the right spot from the start.
  • Clean Slate no longer removes inceptions or bounties.  Reduced its cost by 1.
  • Evasion shouldn't consume if there is no attack and it doesn't avoid damage.  Fix the description that stated it is removed at the end of turn (it is removed at the start of turn)
  • Stab of the Mirror 'plays' twice instead of just hitting twice, as per its descriptive text.
  • Check evasion on slice, burst, barnacle, sharpen, and gash before applying effects.
  • Mark Stun as a debuff.
  • Allow the user to skip individual blocks from the day over screen with left click, and all the blocks with the right click.
  • Feint of Hesh now removes the debuff from the target.  Update the description to be consistent with Combat Gauze.
  • Add Replenish to White Lie.
  • Triage now expends all status cards, not just bleeds.
  • The bouncer should be a negotiation_target for sal_story_fsshcakes.lua

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