[Game Update] - 363981

Release Date: 08/29/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This small update fixes a crash we noticed, and addresses some other minor bugs / improvements.  There's also a new tab in the Compendium screen to show Grafts.  Finally, we noticed the Deceive card just wasn't that interesting, so it received an entirely new implementation -- feedback welcome!

  • Added a whole bunch of missing sound effects
  • Renamed the "Bounty" bounty incepted by the Bounty Hunter card to "Wanted!"
  • Added a Grafts tab to the Compendium screen.
  • Keyword panels are now shown when viewing Boons/Banes
  • Changed Heshian Amulet to heal 3 per card rather than combined cost
  • Fix Brain Spur triggering on non-attack cards
  • Added hotkeys to view the draw deck (A) and the discards deck (D) while in combat and negotiation
  • Fixed particle gravity
  • Fixed a crash / black screen on load that was possible while playing the Bounty Hunt quest
  • Reworked the Deceive card entirely
  • Sparring/Intimidation no longer just apply to self.

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