[Game Update] - 362254

Release Date: 08/23/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters:

This is a small balance update. We reworked a couple of cards that kept coming up in feedback, and adjusted how hard the NPCs hit. The damage numbers start and end in the same places (with respect to all scaling), but the ramp-up curve is more gentle. Give it a try, and tell us how it feels!

  • Made NPC damage scale in with a slower function, and have less variance on the high end. This should better match the player's own card-driven power curve.
  • The people compendium now shows unlockable lore details about characters. (There's no content here, yet.)
  • Reworked Level Playing Field.
  • Balance changes to Breather, Lacerate and Ravenous.
  • Fixed a bug where when the player's at Prestige 0, the prestige icon doesn't get created, but elements in the page were still trying to align themselves to it.

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