[Game Update] - 359243

Release Date: 08/12/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Experimental is back in business! This update gets rid of a couple of bad difficulty spikes, and fixes a whole bunch of card bugs. Oh, and now you can pet your pets. It's fun!

We've got some fun new content planned that we'll be rolling out over the course of the week, so stay tuned for further updates!

  • You can pet and rename your pets in your room at night.
  • Give back pinned cards on bandit goon death.
  • Crayote spitters give you one stack of slime instead of two.
  • Tune down the drusk damage / card insertions in higher prestige levels.
  • Remove the punitive damage from Intimidation.  Remove REPLENISH because the card has a lot of keywords, and without the punitive damage it's less of a problem.
  • Limit combat joiners in organic fights, so that the player doesn't get overwhelmed in the early game when sent into, say, the bandit bar.
  • Browbeat can be played at 0 actions again.
  • Can't play combat_drone, vroc_whistle, or protoype_drone if team is already full.
  • Calculate appeal_to_reason cost in any deck, so that it synergizes with eg. swift rebuttal.
  • Clarify description on Scruple.  Also give it stack behaviour.
  • Delay the end-turn-button on fights. Also hiding the end-turn and concede buttons if the accept-surrender button is visible.
  • Delay the end-turn button showing up on negotiations.
  • Speed up card upgrade flow on the deck screen.
  • Fix crash when removing some particle systems on cards.
  • Fix coactive orbslug only triggering once a turn.
  • Fix Last Stand giving 2 power instead of being stack-based.
  • Fix Last Stand not being applied in all circumstances, such as being bled.
  • Fix text on improve_accuracy condition.
  • Fix potential infinite loop while resolving autoplay cards if the card is able to draw/reinsert itself into your hand, or the negotiation is won/lost in the process.
  • Fix crash if insulting the opponent's core modifier to win the negotiation.
  • Fix crash due to 'insulted' being triggered more than once (eg. by destroying an argument with Insult and triggering Ipso Facto).
  • Fix crashing modifying nil unstable_drone condition due to team being maxxed; can happen if DRONE_GOON is your ally and you have allies already.
  • Fix strings for Enhanced Defense.

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