[Game Update] - 356382

Release Date: 07/29/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This experimental update offers some UI QOL stuff, and a needed nerf for the Krill. You'll also get a pretty powerful consumable card if you mange to take down a Krill, so give it a shot!

  • Added a turn counter to negotiations/battles.
  • Krills lose 1 power at the end of each turn (if they have any).
  • Killing Krills gives a unique consumable card (Krill Ichor).
  • Added new card overlay art for upgrades and rarities. 
  • Don't show redundant bribed/paid_off manipulate options.
  • Fade out ConversationScreen.next (click to continue) if the user scrolls up so it doesn't obscure text.
  • Fix purchase price on relic not being discounted by relationship.
  • Fix items being unresponsive after sequencer restores their charges.
  • Add intimidated modifier description to intimidate card tooltip.
  • Fix descriptions on deception upgrades.
  • Don't apply FLUSTERED to inceptions.
  • Fix clicking on edit box resetting your cursor position incorrectly.
  • Fixed dialogue for turning in quest to use DIALOG_PAID rather than a set of quips.
  • Impulse Jack no longer grabs bystander cards.

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