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[Game Update] - 1192

Release Date: 06/24/21

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One)

The next character refresh has arrived! As always we also have some new skins and streaming drops!

Along Came a Spider

Listen well children, and mind the warnings of your parents... naughtiness always comes back to bite you in the end.

Here are the details:

  • Webber has been refreshed. Key changes:
    • Can craft a Webby Whistle to help him control his Spiders.
    • Can craft a Shoo Box which dismisses following Spiders and pacifies attacking ones.
    • Can craft a Den Decorating Set which pacifies spiders around a decorated den.
    • Can craft a Healing Glop, an AOE healing item that only affects spiders.
    • Can craft Switcher Doodles which mutate spiders into a different type once fed to them.
    • Can sleep inside Tier 3 dens.
    • Can shave dens to downgrade them.
    • Gets a speed boost when on sticky ground.
    • Spiders can wear hats.
    • Spiders can be put in the inventory from traps or by Webber when they're asleep.
    • The Spiderqueen now spawns the Nurse Spider.
  • Fixed a crash when chopping down the Cawnival Tree while the Cawnival is not active.
  • Fixed some minor visual issues while placing the Cawnival Tree and games.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would get stuck when the survivor dies in wilderness mode (for example: while on a boat or playing a Cawnival game).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Malbatross spawn timer to reset if it was finished when the game reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lord of the Fruit Flies would still spawn when changing the world settings to None after creating the world.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain creatures to not act as if they were in darkness.
  • Fixed a bug that caused summer to be darker than it should have been.
  • Fixed a bug where Ice could remain at 0% spoilage forever.
  • Fixed a bug where Pigmen would attack their last target after reloading a world that auto saved after a full moon.
  • Disabled plant regrowth on Ancient Stonework tiles.
  • Maxwell's Shadow Loggers will no longer chop down the Cawnival Tree.



New Skins!
Webber Deluxe Wardrobe,
including Webber’s new The Farmspider skin.
Homespun Chest, includes Homespun Garden Hoe, Homespun Watering Can, and Homespun Seed Pouch.



New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Rockjaw Sail to the Nautical collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out our support topic here

What's Next?
The team is continuing to do some work on content and changes before heading into a new content arc. One of our designers describes the next update as "A new biome that pops up in a couple places on the ocean. It's sort of chill... there are some water spiders." So, there's that. Which is nice. We'll have more details as we get closer to the next update. Have fun out there! 

Check out the original forum post for more details!

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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