[Game Update] - 1184

Release Date: 03/22/21

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause offline mode worlds to switch to online if they were started up while in online mode.
  • Fixed worlds that may have accidentally switched from offline to online mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing Tallbird Nests to respawn Tallbirds immediately after its Tallbird got killed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Crafted Leaky Shack to immediately respawn Merms after its merm got killed.
  • Fixed a crash if you baited a trap with a stack of items, and then left the server.
  • Fixed a bug causing Abigail's Flower to have the wrong inventory icon.
  • Fixed a bug causing Salamanders to have the wrong hurtbox size.
  • Fixed klaus sack spawning outside of winter with winters feast off.
  • Lord of The Fruit Flies world setting can now be changed in the caves.
  • Fixed a bug causing the timers for Ancient Gateway, Antlion Rage, Dragonfly, Grass Gekko Morphing, and Salt Formation Regrowth to reset upon restarting the game.
  • Fixed Lord of The Fruit Flies never spawning.
  • Fixed a bug causing pigs to respawn immediately upon restarting the game.

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