[Game Update] - 1183

Release Date: 03/16/21

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One)

  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck repeating an action.
  • Replaced the restriction to purchase chests with a warning when the contains skins for an unowned character.
  • Setting rain to "more", "less", or "default" after setting rain to "never" or "always" will work properly now.
  • Fixed a crash in the plant registry.
  • Fixed a bug causing the world settings menu to not properly display your world settings until you scrolled it a bit.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the gorge recipe book.
  • Fixed a bug causing repeating inventory actions with a controller (like cooking and eating) to not work when you're not the host.
  • Fixed infinite worldgen if you set Sea Weeds to none.
  • Fixed various texture bugs with Wormwood's heads and hats.
  • Fixed texture issue with Wormwood's Cabriole Legs.

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