[Game Update] - 1176

Release Date: 01/13/21

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One)

- Wormwood's plant trail will no longer spawn on boats or the ocean.
- Fixed a rare crash when retrofitting worlds for the Forgotten Knowledge update.
- Fixed a bug causing your character to go to the wrong location after a rollback sometimes.
- Fixed some visual glitches when it's snowing.
- Fixed various skin texture bugs.
- Fixed an issue causing Wormwood to flicker when transitioning bloom stages.
- Lowered the drop rate of seeds from birds.
- Reduced the collision size of the archive pillar to allow players to walk past them.
- Carol Emote is now an ensemble reward for Merrymaker skin sets in addition to the Snowfallen skin sets.
- Fixed a crash when Wavy Joes extinguishes fires.
- Fixed adding weaknesses to armors. This means that some armours have the appropriate weakness to the Werebeaver's attacks.
- Fixed a crash when toggling the movement prediction setting while using Wurt.
- Fixed emoticon rendering.
- Fixed an issue where text input fields wouldn't accept empty strings as virtual keyboard input.

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