[Game Update] - 1175

Release Date: 12/22/20

Update Information:


- Wormwood is now affected differently by each type of fertilizer.
- The watering cans will now put out all nearby fires and be used to rejuvenate withered bushes.
- Fixed The Lord of the Fruit Flies sometimes not doing anything when spawned.
- Fixed the plant nutrient stress test from always passing when the ground type is not farming soil.
- Wormwood and Wurt no longer suffer a sanity drain for wearing wet items.
- Improved heavy lifting animation for Giant Onions and Giant Corn.
- Fixed weighing Giant veggies not storing the heaviest veggie in your Plant Registry(this change is not retroactive, so you'll need to re-weigh them for this to take effect).
- Fixed a bug causing certain items (like ocean fish) to drop into the water when moving them between inventories while over water.
- Fixed a Crabby Hermit crash on worlds that have unclaimed gifts.
- Fixed a crash when a watering can is burnt.
- Fixed a bug preventing the plant registry from applying your online profile data.
- Fixed a controller issue in the plant registry.
- Reduced the crafting recipe for the Cookbook.
- Beefalo no longer poop while being ridden.
- Fixed skins issues with ugly sweaters.
- Fixed a bug that would cause boats to corrupt save files when left adrift.
- Added some error checking when saving the game to reduce saving corrupt saves.
- Fixed an issue causing the player to be unable to do certain actions after waxing a giant veggie on their back.

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