[Game Update] - 1162

Release Date: 08/26/20

Update Information:

Update 1.1.62 (Xbox One)

  • Fixed the background of the food details in the cookbook.
  • Fixed the cookbook ingredient's tooltip string for the ocean fish and Wobster.
  • Fixed Toma Root and Onion ingredient images in the Cookbook.
  • Fixed a bug where burning Stingers would not spread fire.
  • Reduced the amount of Batilisk Wings required to craft the Bat Bat.
  • Adjusted the Batilisk Wing drop rate from Batilisks.
  • Fixed a crash when the Sea Weed's projectile hits a mounted player.
  • Items can now be properly dropped from your inventory while holding another item.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with wall textures.
  • Fixed the texture issues with the new Sorcerer's Staff.
  • Increased resolution of staff items when not equipped.
  • Fixed Sorcerer's Staff Profile Icon collection info.
  • Increased resolution of the Pan Flute.

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