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[Game Update] - 111330

Release Date: 11/22/22

Update Information:

Update (Xbox - released November 22, 2022)


The former Nightmare King suddenly finds himself facing his past... and a choice about his future. Everyone take your seats, the Amazing Maxwell's next act is about to begin.


  • Codex Umbra is now a spell book that feeds off of Sanity and Nightmare Fuel only.
  • Added a spell wheel UI for reading the Codex Umbra in your inventory.
  • Maxwell now summons the following shadow puppets:
    • Shadow Servant
    • Shadow Duelist
  • Maxwell now controls up to six puppets at a time.
  • These improved puppets automatically aggro or work within their summoned area for a set duration before expiring.
  • Equipping shadowy equipment will increase the power of Shadow Duelists.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, most things crafted from Shadow Magic or Ancient Pseudoscience.
  • Maxwell now summons the following crowd control shadows:
    • Shadow Sneak
    • Shadow Prison
  • All shadows can be summoned on the ocean.
  • Maxwell can craft the Magician's Top Hat and Magician’s Chest.
  • Magician's Top Hat, Magician's Chest, and Shadow Chester are all connected to one shadow dimensional storage in the Forest, and another one while in the Caves.


  • Fixed a crash when loading very developed/old worlds.
  • Construction Sites will no longer drop excess items on the ground when building and will now try to return the extra to the player's inventory.
  • Fixed a crash related to missing character strings for inspections.
  • Fixed turning invisible while riding a beefalo and chatting on a stage.
  • Fixed items such as Monster Meat from self stacking while being used as a bait.
  • Fixed Wendy's Ethereal Gown and Abigail's Overalls from showing the skirt with certain clothing setups.
  • Fixed Wendy's Moonbound hair being too wild and poking out of worn hats.
  • Fixed upper arm animations flipping shoulders when running upwards.
  • Fixed Voxola Safety Gloves having an invisible bonesaw.
  • Fixed Shredded Skirt's body going invisible when worn on Webber.
  • Fixed an issue with Wortox's No-Eyed Deertox Costume for side views when wearing a hat.
  • Fixed Wickerbottom's custom idle animations when using the Lofty Wrist Ruffs.

New Skins!


Maxwell Deluxe Wardrobe ($10.99usd)
This Deluxe Wardrobe contains Maxwell's complete set of Guest of Honor, Roseate, Survivor, Untriumphant, and Dark Wizard skin items.

Maxwell Dark Wizard Chest ($3.99usd)
This Dark Wizard's Chest contains the following skin items: Cursed Cloak, Cursed Sabre, and Showman's Shadow Hat.

New Twitch Drops!


We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

Rhymes with Play


Make sure to join us for another Rhymes with Play Dev stream this Thursday. We'll be checking out the Maxwell refresh with our hosts Vito and Hailey. 

And that's it for now!

As we approach the end of the year we still have a bit more to go to finish out the 2022(3) roadmap. We have been talking internally about what's coming up in the next roadmap and while we still have some details to iron out, we're already very excited about 2023! We have been watching the feedback from players regarding the long-term hopes for the game. While it's going to be difficult to wait for more info, it's going to be even harder for us to keep it under wraps, but we'll be posting up a new roadmap at the beginning of next year!

Check out the original forum post for more details!

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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